Clarity 15.9

Highlights of this new release

As of Nov 9th, 2020, the new version of Clarity 15.9

  • Clarity User Interface Enhancements

  • Support for Additional Attributes

  • Common Grids Usability Improvements

  • Clarity Roadmap Enhancements

  • Improvements to Hierarchies

Clarity User Interface Enhancements

Quick Save Functionality for Views

The Quick Save functionality allows you to save changes to your view in a single click. Consider a scenario, where you opened a High Priority view on the Ideas page. The view shows all ideas grouped by priority and sorted by ROI. You have now added the Starred attribute to the grid and selected a few favorite ideas. You can simply click the Save button to save your changes to the view.

Timesheet Usability Enhancement – Submit Button

In some cases, customers have reported that users are inadvertently creating and submitting their timesheets with no data, causing unnecessary administrative effort. The Submit button has been removed from the Create Timesheet page and is no longer available. Users can only submit a timesheet after they have populated it.

Support for Additional Attributes

Support for Attachment Attributes in Clarity

You can now manage the attachment attributes of stock and custom objects in Clarity. Previously, the attachment attributes were only available in Classic. This enhancement allows you to use Clarity. For processes that require uploading documents to an attribute. With this enhancement, you can API enable the attachment attributes and make them available in Clarity.

Once the attribute is API enabled, you can do the following:

  • Configure the attachment attribute to be displayed in the Details panel of the Timeline, Board, and Grid layouts.

  • Configure the blueprint of the corresponding object to display the attachment attribute on the Properties page.

  • View, upload, and delete attachments in the Details panel or in the Properties page.

Clarity Uses Slash as OBS Delimiter

Clarity now uses a slash ( / ) as an OBS unit separator. In the previous releases of Clarity, you would use the greater than symbol ( > ) as the OBS unit separator. This change allows you to use the slash symbol in filters to search for specific OBS units.

Clarity Grid Now Shows the Complete OBS

The Clarity Grid now shows the complete OBS value. You can either expand the column or use the tooltip to view the complete OBS value.

Common Grids Usability Improvements

Fiscal Period Column Headings Have Colors

All common grid column headers configured to display per-period (e.g., TSV) data are assigned a unique color to improve visibility and readability. This enhancement will help you distinguish per period metrics (TSV’s) from each other. The applied column heading color does not have a specific meaning since an attribute is not mapped to a specific color.

Assign Tasks By Using the Details Panel on Tasks Module

You can now assign resources, teams, or roles to a task by using the Assignments tab on the Details Panel of the Tasks Module. The Assignments tab provides you all the functionalities that you get with the Assignments module. Hence, you can manage task assignments, perform resource and role planning, and monitor estimated-to-complete (ETC) values for your team members. You can click Expand to use some key capabilities of the common grid such as Views, Group-by, Filter, and Export to CSV.

Clarity Roadmap Enhancements

Usability Enhancement – Import from PPM

When you use the Import from PPM option, to import investments from Clarity, they will now appear in an alphabetical list. Investments will be alphabetized by name and not ID.

Improvements to Hierarchies

Improved Import Capabilities

You can now import investments into Hierarchies by using the object grid. You can use existing saved views to find specific investments to import. You can also use the Details panel view to get additional details of the investment instance prior to importing it into Hierarchies.

Word Wraps in Card Names

Clarity will wrap Card titles and display long titles properly. The level of zoom will determine the amount of title that is displayed.

Right-click Context Menu on Cards

Right mouse click for investment cards has a context-sensitive menu. The Menu options will depend on the following factors:

And there is so much more !!!

Please reach out to Optovia about any concerns or questions where we have the expertise to get your organization up and running on the latest release.

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