Clarity 15.9.2 est arrivée!

Broadcom vient de publier sa dernière version 15.9.2. Avec beaucoup d’anticipation, cette nouvelle version propose des mises à jour, de nouvelles améliorations et une meilleure polyvalence dans les domaines suivants: Gestion de projet Gestion des ressources Intelligence économique Cycle de vie Mobile Planification descendante Intégration Clarity / Rally (ValueOps) et plus!!! Nous avons vu de […]

Clarity 15.9.2 is here!

Broadcom has just released their newest version of Clarity, v15.9.2.  With much anticipation, 15.9.2 offers updates, enhanced technology, and increased usability in the following areas: Project Management Resource Management Business Intelligence Lifecycle Mobile Top Down Planning Clarity/Rally (ValueOps) Integration And SO much more!! While we saw many significant updates with Broadcom’s previous release back in […]

Clarity Upgrade – Technical Process

The following preparation process and deployment steps need to be followed to ensure a successful Clarity version upgrade… Phase One: Upgrade Preparation Phase Two: Upgrade Procedure Phase Three: Upgrade Deployment

Clarity Upgrades — FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Clarity Upgrades… Do I have to do a 15.9.1 assessment before an upgrade? No, however the assessment is highly recommended. A comprehensive assessment will help make efficient use of resources, reduce potential for error and re-work and accelerate solution adoption for version 15.9.1. Does the assessment fit all customers? The assessment […]

Questions concernant la montée de version Clarity

Quelques questions fréquemment concernant la montée de version Clarity… Faut-il passer par une évaluation avant la montée de version ? Non, mais l’évaluation est fortement recommandée. Une évaluation complète aidera à utiliser efficacement les ressources, et à réduire le potentiel d’erreur et à retravailler (bogues, amélioration) pour la version 15.9.1. Comment l’évaluation s’adapte-t-elle aux clients ? L’approche […]

Clarity 15.9.1

The best parts of this new release As of this week, the new version of Clarity 15.9.1 is available from Broadcom. Financial Transparency BI & Mobile Resource Management Others Top Down Planning Financial Transparency Actual Transactions Actual Transactions – the possibility to filter, select columns, export to CSV, & configure the detail page. Resource Management […]

Clarity PPM Enhancement Release Schedule

Broadcom has announced a schedule for future version releases of to Clarity (PPM). For SaaS customers, upgrades are now mandatory on a quarterly cycle and will be automatically scheduled by Broadcom. Release Release Date (Projected) EOS Date 15.9 (Shaw) November 9, 2020 November 30, 2023 15.9.1 (21-Pl-1) February 8, 2021 November 30, 2023 15.9.2 (21-Pl-2) […]