A Broadcom partner within the PPM space, Optovia supports its customers in the implementation and development of their Clarity project & portfolio governance solution.

As part of the release of version 15, and more recently version 15.9, Optovia blends its know-how in Clarity upgrades and its successful experiences, particularly in the public and private sector.

User Story :

  • How can you be sure not to lose any data?

  • How to develop the use of the Clarity solution?

  • How to minimize the unavailability of the application?

  • How to take advantage of the upgrade and use the new functionalities & enhancements?

Upgrading to a new version has multiple benefits for you and your organization, but you will only gain by successfully completing an upgrade. More than a fix-pack installation, it should be envisioned and managed as a project itself. This requires having the appropriate skills and expertise, can be completely mastered, whatever your context (starting version, features deployed, etc.) using a rigorous and secure method.

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