Custom Investment Forms Template

Create Custom Investments using a pre-defined template

Optovia’s Clarity (PPM) Custom Investments from Template

The Strategic Investment Types feature provides a way to create and configure custom investment objects with the same capabilities that they already enjoy using for projects and other non-project investments.  However, investment types are not constrained by the traditional boundaries associated with traditional project management –  that’s where our Custom Investments from Template comes in.  Optovia’s Custom Investments from Template enables the user to generate CIT by defining business rules towards an existing CIT just as we can with the Project object types.

Why do we need the Custom Investments from Template?

While Clarity’s Investment Types provides a functional aspect to manage CIT’s, there is a fair amount of manual activity required – both when creating a CIT and maintaining it. With the Custom Investments from Template, a lot of this manual work is eliminated! This new improvement takes care of all this. It eases the creation of an existing Custom Investment without the requirement to enter or input basis details and the bonus is, this requires little effort with only a touch of a button.

Custom Investments from Template Value

Quick Custom Investment Creation

Reduced Manual Effort

Unlimited Number of Templates

Drive Efficiency and Consistency

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User-Friendly Technology

The Custom Investments from Template is straightforward and easy to use.  This add-on can be accessed from the main menu and from there, a few business rules and field values.  Once that is completed, you can further customize by adding how often you would like the process to run and how often you would like the roadmap updated.  It is as easy as that!