Autogenerate Roadmap

Automate the creation and maintenance of Clarity’s Roadmaps

Optovia’s Clarity (PPM) Autogenerate Roadmap

The strategic roadmap is one of the great features you get with Clarity that allows the easy creation and editing of a roadmap on the fly.  There is however some automation opportunities to improve upon and that’s where our Autogenerate Roadmap comes in. Optovia’s Autogenerate Roadmap enables the user to generate a roadmap by defining business rules and custom investments.  The roadmap is then generated, automatically, based on the business rules and custom investments identified by the user.  This process can also be run with in-flight projects and when changes are made, the roadmap is automatically updated!

Why do we need the Autogenerate?

While Clarity’s Roadmap is a powerful utility that enables planning and reporting, there is a fair amount of manual activity required – both when creating a roadmap and maintaining it.  With the Autogenerate, a lot of this manual work is eliminated!  This newly developed technology takes care of all the synchronization of any changes to custom investments and any associated dependencies.

The Autogenerate add-on saves time, drives automation and increases the road mapping utility capability.

Autogenerate Roadmap Value

Automates Roadmap Creation

Complete & Up To Date Sync

Reduced Manual Effort

Reduces Errors by Eliminating Manual Re-entry

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User-Friendly Technology

The Autogenerate Roadmap is straightforward and easy to use. This add-on can be accessed from the main menu and from there a few business rules and field values. Once that is completed, you can further customize by adding how often you would like the process to run and how often you would like to roadmap updated. It is as easy as that!