Optovia’s Clarity (PPM) Automated Testing

A great advantage of Clarity and its advancement is the release of a new version each quarter. However, with each release come enhancements, corrected bugs, and potential impact to your existing implementation and users. With each new release of Clarity, there is no automated method to validate and to perform the level of testing required to ensure a successful upgrade. Optovia’s Automated Testing solution enables organizations to use a combination of existing freeware to increase test automation and decrease manual effort to fully test their version upgrades or releases.  With the assistance of this solution and appropriate test scripts, a reduction of manual effort by 50% or more can be achieved!

Why do we Need Automated Testing?

Manual testing for version upgrades and releases can not only be a taxing exercise on your resources, it also increases the risk of human error.  More staff performing more tests, reduces productivity and progress, each and every quarter.

Automated testing can help your organization by adding insights from strategy, development and quality engineering — increase overall quality and greater system and resource performance.

Automated Testing Value

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User-Friendly Technology

Users can perform unit tests before and after deployment, and utilize the solution for testing as part of your Clarity upgrade process. The automated testing also builds efficiency by creating scripts for repeatable tasks that can be used each time an upgrade happens.

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