Optovia’s Clarity Modern UI Portlet

Optovia’s Modern UI Portlet enables the user to build a portlet the same way they would in the classic. But, you can view it in the Modern UI grid view, utilizing a consistent look and feel as Clarity’s Modern UI. This innovation can be applied to any existing portlet that is currently in the Classic, and it can be viewed in the Modern UI’s grid view. Both new and existing portlets can not only be viewed in the Modern UI’s grid view, they can also take advantage of the Modern UI’s grid functionality.

Portlet in new UI

Why Do We Need the Modern UI Portlet?

Clarity’s Modern UI does not have the functionality that enables users to create portlets. Existing portlets (in the Classic) cannot be accessed in the Modern UI. Users do have the ability to create views in the Modern UI however those views are limited to a specific object, example: Project Object.

UI Portlet Value

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User-Friendly Technology

This simple to use add-on brings the familiarity of using and creating a portlets in the Classic UX, over the Modern UI. Additional usability is also part of this innovation, utilizing the Modern UI’s grid functionality, which offers an intuitive “click and drag” type of approach. Familiar, easy to use and additional function!

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