Content Migrator

Clarity’s Blueprint functionality allows you to easily create layouts for Projects, Ideas, Custom Investments, and Custom Objects. This great feature allows you to copy and configure Blueprints that can reflect the requirements of your customer base. A Blueprint can hide/display modules or sections based on business rules or security group association. In other words, you can configure a Blueprint to allow the users to see the data they need to see and can hide data they are not concerned with.

Why do we need the Content Migrator?

One challenge currently exists with Blueprints and Views. How to easily migrate them through the various environments? This innovative tool allows you to easily import / export, or transfer Blueprints and Views from one system to another. By removing manual re-entry, our tool eliminates the manual errors that could occur when recreating a Blueprint or View. Another major benefit is that you significantly reduce the time required to migrate your Blueprints and Views. By managing your Blueprints and Views more efficiently, you benefit with both a time and cost savings.

Content Migrator Utility Value

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User-Friendly Technology

The Content Migrator Utility is straightforward and easy to use. This add-on can be accessed from the main menu and from there, with a few selections you can import/export or transfer a Blueprint to another environment. Simple, efficient, and fast.