Government of Canada

As the Government of Canada’s leading Clarity partner, we have had the opportunity and privilege to service the majority of departments utilizing the innovative tool. Proudly serving the GC to establish and improve IT Plan, APM, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Time/Activity Tracking, Capacity Management, and Reporting functions – all through the use of Clarity.

The Government of Canada has been utilizing Clarity as its PPM tool of choice since approximately 2012. Initially applied as a mechanism to receive, track and report on each department’s IT Plan and Application Portfolio Management data to ensure compliance with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s reporting mandates. This has since grown into many departmental implementations to support Project Management, Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Time/Activity Tracking, Resource and Capacity Management, Intake/Ideation, and Departmental and TBS mandated Reporting fulfillment. A strategic partnership through TBS and SSC, TBS is leading the Government of Canada Enterprise Portfolio Management initiative (GC EPM), which is positioned to modernize the GC’s enterprise portfolio management capabilities, enabling visibility, collaboration alignment, and insight-driven decision making.

Our Government Services have been created with specific GC business needs in mind – be that Reporting, Project Management/TBS gating, Portfolio Management, IT Plan, APM, Policy alignment/fulfillment, and GC EPM alignment and preparedness.

We offer cloud deployment options that align with the GC’s cloud first policy, utilizing unclassified or Protected B infrastructure with Azure, AWS or GCP. This approach coupled with our GC Managed Service offering allows for a robust deployment options and support that takes the weight off your shoulders and the cloud deployment process “guessing game” out of the equation.

We offer pre-built GC specific configuration that aligns to common requirements for Project Management, IT Plan, APM, Portfolio Management, and Reporting.

Our semi-annual public sector Clarity events enable GC clients to network, present, share ideas, and ultimately come together to accelerate partnerships and increase value!