Educating users is key to maximizing the return on your technology investment.  Optovia’s education offerings will help ensure that your users are prepared.  We can support your user’s education by our following Optovia EDU offerings:

Monthly Training – Join us for our 3 monthly training sessions that each one focuses on a single topic. Current topics being presented are: Clarity  API, Clarity Roadmaps, and Clarity Hierarchy.

Customized Training – If you require assistance in developing training content for your organization come speak to the team at Optovia.  Partner with us and we will help make your organization self-sufficient in the education of your users.  We can deliver instructor led training, self-paced training, train the trainer, and craft end-user guides.

Optovia Blogs – Want to learn more about Clarity PPM?  Why not look at a few of the articles in our ever-expanding Blog site.  From Clarity PPM Roadmaps to upgrading Clarity, our Blogs are a wealth of knowledge.

Explore our ever-increasing “bite-sized” video collection.  We know that your time is valuable, so we create short educational videos that get straight to the point.

    Watch our growing collection of presentations focused on Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Product Management, and Digital Product Management – Enabling Technologies and Innovations.

Follow us on Twitter to see what new offerings, announcements, and upcoming events are being planned.

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