Optovia’s Clarity Go

Clarity Go is a new way to easily access your Clarity data when you need to. No more having to pull out your laptop on the way home to check on a project that you just received a text message about. Simply, login via your iOS or Android phone and review the project data. From the main screen access your projects, starred projects, Active projects, those that are critical, and more. Supporting your organizations security policy you can login by either SSO or local authentication. Accessing your Clarity information is as simple as a screen tap or finger swipe.

Why do we need Clarity Go?

Business never stops and neither do active projects. As you know, situations occur at the most inopportune moments, and likely you do not have access to your computer. Clarity Go provides a simple, intuitive, and familiar interface to your Clarity data via your iOS or Android device. You can quickly login and with few taps and swipes on your device, you are accessing your project. Now, you can take action based on the information literally in your hand.

Clarity Go Value

User-Friendly Technology

Clarity Go is straightforward and easy to use. The data you see is based on your Blueprints. The tiles on your main screen allow you to quickly access the information you require. Best of all, it is free.