One of the many great features within Clarity is that you can lock user accounts after 90 days. The capability is where you can lock the account with a single command, and it does not require programming language skills for scripting.

This feature is very useful towards the user license housekeeping aspects.

User Story

  • Is this a custom job?
  • How can we manage this?
  • Is there a portlet to view the status?
  • How does this work?
An OOTB portlet is available to add to any page within your Clarity infrastructure environment:
Portlet Name: Locked Users (including 90 Days Inactivity)
ID: adminLockedUsersPortlet
To run the OOTB script, simply run the following command (Windows or RHEL)
admin lockuser
The above command locks active user accounts that have not had a successful system login during the last 90 days.
Is this feature also available for the GCP environments?
This feature is not available in standard Clarity GCP environments.
Can we roll back this locking feature?
There is no rollback command to undo changes. Locked users can be updated directly in the Clarity UI:
  • Administration à Organization and Access à Resources
  • Filtered using Locked with the Status attribute field in the filter section
Can we change 90 days to “X” number of days?
No, unfortunately the 90 days is a hard-coded value, and cannot be modified.
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