Clarity 15.9.2 is here!

Broadcom has just released their newest version of Clarity, v15.9.2.  With much anticipation, 15.9.2 offers updates, enhanced technology, and increased usability in the following areas: Project Management Resource Management Business Intelligence Lifecycle Mobile Top Down Planning Clarity/Rally (ValueOps) Integration And SO much more!! While we saw many significant updates with Broadcom’s previous release back in […]

Broadcom (once again!) named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant – for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

Broadcom has once again been recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Planning Tools.  Through the use of two industry leading solutions, Clarity for enterprise portfolio management and planning, and Rally for enterprise-scaled agile, this two punch combination addresses enterprise requirements across the board.  If your organization is looking to address digital […]

Clarity Upgrade – Technical Process

The following preparation process and deployment steps need to be followed to ensure a successful Clarity version upgrade… Phase One: Upgrade Preparation Phase Two: Upgrade Procedure Phase Three: Upgrade Deployment

Clarity Upgrades — FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Clarity Upgrades… Do I have to do a 15.9.1 assessment before an upgrade? No, however the assessment is highly recommended. A comprehensive assessment will help make efficient use of resources, reduce potential for error and re-work and accelerate solution adoption for version 15.9.1. Does the assessment fit all customers? The assessment […]

Clarity 15.9.1

The best parts of this new release As of this week, the new version of Clarity 15.9.1 is available from Broadcom. Financial Transparency BI & Mobile Resource Management Others Top Down Planning Financial Transparency Actual Transactions Actual Transactions – the possibility to filter, select columns, export to CSV, & configure the detail page. Resource Management […]

Clarity and the Lock User Capability

One of the many great features within Clarity is that you can lock user accounts after 90 days. The capability is where you can lock the account with a single command, and it does not require programming language skills for scripting. This feature is very useful towards the user license housekeeping aspects. User Story Is […]