Vision with Value – Roadmaps

Roadmaps with Clarity PPM

What is a Roadmap ?

Roadmaps allows any organization to maximize the value of initiatives and minimize risks by prioritizing and selecting investments that most closely align with their corporate goals and realize estimated cost and ROI.

How-to with Clarity PPM

Addressing unique organizational needs

The roadmap module is a digital whiteboard in which your organization can:

  • Build and create roadmaps in minutes

  • Easily plan, visualize, and communicate your organization strategies

  • Visually communicate your strategy, &

  • Simplify your roadmap process

Here’s a quick overview on how to quickly build your own roadmap(s):

Step 1

Create a Roadmap

Define the roadmap name and duration to create a new ‘digital whiteboard’ Roadmap

Step 2

Swimlanes, Color By, & Picklists

Define the Swimlanes, Color Coding/Color By, and manage Picklists required towards your Roadmap definition.

Step 3

Manage your Roadmap items

The items can be color coded based on your settings. These may vary depending on the views you define for yourself. In this example the color is indicating the product type target of the initiative.

Step 4

Implementing Effective Metrics

Define and utilizes the metrics available (Actuals, Actual Capital Cost, & Actual Operating Cost) within your Roadmap item(s)

Step 5

Identifying and Utilizing Dependencies

There is the possibility where you can identify dependencies and analyze your schedule in various views. It is as simple as choosing a different one from your dropdown list. Now that’s a smart whiteboard!

And there is so much more!!! 

Please reach out to Optovia where we have the expertise to get your organization up and running with Roadmaps.

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