What’s New In Clarity PPM 15.8.1

The Best parts of this new release

As of this week, the new version of Clarity PPM 15.8.1 is available from Broadcom.

  • Roadmap Enhancements

  • Support for “Days” in the planning

  • Header & Custom Logo

  • Add Staff to Investments

  • Jaspersoft 7.1.3

  • Field Level Security

Roadmap Enhancements

Improved Import Capability in Roadmaps

There is now the availability to select Projects, Ideas, or Custom Investment Items from the respective grid. The selection grid lets you select individual row items. You can also select or deselect all rows.

Support for “Days” in the planning

Days setting

There is now the availability to configure within Clarity PPM to display work effort in Days. In previous versions of Clarity PPM, you could only view work effort in FTE or Hours. You can now use General Settings to configure the work effort to be displayed in days. This is extremely useful in the Staff Module or the Assignment module in projects and custom investments in Clarity PPM.

Header & Custom Logo

Customize the Header and Login Logos

There is now the availability to customize the header logo and the login logo for Clarity PPM reflects your organization’s branding. You can also use it to differentiate between various environments, such as development, QA, and production.

Add Staff to Investments

Add Staff to Investments by Using the Multi-Select Grid

You can use the new Add Staff button to add resources, roles, and teams to an investment in 

Clarity PPM. After you click the Add Staff button, you can choose if you want to add resources, roles, or teams. If you choose resources, Clarity PPM loads a list of all the resources available to you in a generic multi-select grid. You can use the search and filter options to quickly identify the relevant resources and add them to the investment.

Jaspersoft 7.1.3

Clarity PPM SaaS Now Supports Jaspersoft 7.1.3 on the Google Cloud Platform

Clarity PPM SaaS customers on GCP will soon be upgraded to Jaspersoft 7.1.3. Customers can

continue to use Jaspersoft Studio 7.1 and their existing studio and SOW solution adapters. See Install Jaspersoft Studio Professional 7.1 and CA JDBC Adapter for more information.

Field Level Security

Field Level Security is Supported for Custom Investments

Field level security is now available for custom investments. Consider an example where Sid – a portfolio manager is responsible for creating, editing, and managing Custom Investment Items for his organization. Sid creates a custom investment to define the strategy of his organization. He secures the Estimated Budget Plan attribute and provides relevant stakeholders with edit rights. The stakeholders can now review and update the Estimated Budget Plan for relevant strategies.

And there is so much more !!!

Please reach out to Optovia about any concerns or questions where we have the expertise to get your organization up and running on the latest release.

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