What’s New In Clarity PPM 15.8

Clarity PPM 15.8

Best parts of this new release

  • Hierarchy Enhancements

  • Enhancements for Administrators

  • Financial Management Enhancements

  • Timesheet Enhancements

  • Roadmap Enhancements

  • Demand Management Enhancements

Hierarchy Enhancements

Create and Manage Custom Metrics for Hierarchies

You can use the powerful roll-up feature and hierarchy card metrics to ensure you can see the total cost to implement a program, a strategy, a product, an investment, or any other hierarchy. Clarity PPM allows you to roll up hierarchy card metrics using either an aggregation or calculation method. Hierarchies include a new capability to define Aggregation or Calculation metrics.

Configure Tree Cards Based on Investment Type

You can select the various custom or stock lookup attributes that will be displayed as the card title, card fields, and card metrics for specific investment types. Clarity PPM allows you to select different attributes to different investment types. For example, you can see Planned Cost and Planned Benefit for ideas and see Planned Cost and Actuals for projects.

Set the Color of Investment Cards

You can select the custom or stock attribute that the board can use for the color of each card. Your selection is applicable to all the cards in the hierarchy.

Enhancements for Administrators

Manage Saved Views

Clarity PPM allows you to save and modify multiple views that help you achieve your business goals. Some of the key actions a user can perform are:

  • Save an existing configuration in the grid, board, or timeline layout as a view

  • Access views saved by other users

  • Mark relevant views as favorites so that you can access them easily

  • Search for specific views

  • Delete your views

New User Experience: Secure Field Level Access

You can now secure fields to ensure only specific groups of users can access specific fields or attributes. As a blueprint administrator, you need to configure all the secured attributes for ideas or projects in blueprints and display or hide them based on the access rights.

Financial Management Enhancements

Budget Plans in Ideas

The Idea Financials module now supports budget plans. You can now submit cost plans for approval as budget plans for an approved idea. For example, an idea can be submitted with a high-level budget or a more detailed cost-benefit analysis. As work is executed, actual costs are captured and forecasts are revisited to track performance against the budget. To learn more about idea budget plans

Create Project Cost Plans and Budget Plans Using the New Financials Module

The new projects financials module supports cost plans and budget plans.

You can create cost plans for projects by using the generic grid layout. You can create a manual cost plan by using the in-line edit option or populate from allocations or populate from assignments. You can also set a cost plan as a plan of record. To learn more about project cost plans, see Manage Financial Plans Using the New Financial Module.

Timesheet Enhancements

Resource OBS filter for Timesheet

The Resource OBS filter is introduced in Timesheet grid in this release of Clarity.

Example: Derrick the resource manager wants to view all the timesheets that he owns and the timesheets that he needs to review for approval from the timesheet grid. With the Resource OBS filter for Timesheets, Derrick can now filter timesheets using Resource OBS, locate resources from specific locations of his organization, and save his current search as a Saved View so that others in his team can use the same view later.

Roadmap Enhancements

Import Roadmap Items by using OBS – Infinite Scroll (Enhancement)

Infinite scroll support is now available when using an OBS to import Projects, Ideas or Custom Investment to a roadmap. You can now be able to scroll through the entire OBS, using infinite scroll, and select and import the respective investments as roadmap items.

Roadmap List Enhanced to use Common Grid

The Roadmap list has been refactored and now incorporates the common grid toolset with the following capabilities:

  • Saved views

  • Robust filtering

  • Group By

  • Export to CSV

  • Add custom attributes to roadmap object for inclusion in grid, fly-out, column panel, & filters

Demand Management Enhancements

Staffing Ideas

You can use the grid in the STAFF module to identify and add people, roles, teams, and even non-labor resources by name or ID. The STAFF module is built using the same common component that is used in Projects. You can ask your administrator to use blueprints to add the STAFF module to your custom investment item.

And there is so much more !!!

Please reach out to us with any questions relating to the release of 15.8! Interested in a demo?? Please contact us @ info@optovia.com

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